Jon Pertwee
Third Doctor
1970 - 1974

Quote from

The Five Doctors

I've reversed the polarity of the neutron flow, so the TARDIS should be free of the force field now.

Third Doctor


From 1965 in most years there has been an annual produced featuring the Doctor of the time containing behind the scenes facts, puzzles, and stories.

The Dr Who Annual 1971 Featuring the Third Doctor, Liz and U.N.I.T.

Published: 1970 World Distributors
No. of pages: 95
Comic Strip Stories
Rocket Range
Did You Know?
The Planet People
The Suit Of The Future
Guess Who
Two Moonstruck Men
The Lunar Excursion Module
Lighthouse In The Sky
The Space Chase
The Rose Red City Of Petra
Animal Astronauts
Trends In Space Suits
Flight From Danger
Star Facts
Strange But True
Test Your Space I.Q.
More Star Facts
The Whirling Wizard
Space Dictionary
Launch Day - Cape Kennedy
The Mind Extractors
Soldiers From Zolta
The Ghouls Of Grestonspey
Caught In The Web
Invaders Invisible
The Dark Planet
Caverns Of Horror
A Universe Called Fred

The Dr Who Annual 1973 Featuring the Third Doctor, Jo and U.N.I.T.

Published: 1972 World Distributors
No. of pages: 79
Comic Strip Stories
Star Studded Flags
Escape To Freedom
A Peep Into The Future
The Way To An Astronaut's Heart
Up In Space
Mythical Monsters
Monsters That Really Lived
The Sun, The Moon, The Stars
Star Gazing
A Jingle Of Joes
Words With Dr. Who
The Monster Game
The Seven Wonders Of The World
Dark Intruders
War In The Abyss
Hunt To The Death
Doorway Into Nowhere
The Claw
Saucer Of Fate
The Phaser Aliens

The Dr Who Annual 1974 Featuring the Third Doctor, Jo and U.N.I.T.

Published: 1973 World Distributors
No. of pages: 79
Comic Strip Stories
The Time Thief
Menace Of The Molags
In Other Words
Sings In The Sky
Two Miles Up
Tommorow's History
Escape To Mars
Pioneers Of Space
Moon Rocket Memo
A Space-Age Christmas
A Collection Of Cities
Malevolent Monsters
Dr Who Science-Word
Marathons In Space
The Talking Heads
Dr Who's Facts And Fancies
Listen - The Stars!
Out Of The Green Mist
The Fathom Trap
Talons Of Terror
Old Father Saturn
Galactic Gangster

The Dr Who Annual 1975 Featuring the Third Doctor, Jo, Sarah and U.N.I.T.

Published: 1974 World Distributors
No. of pages: 78
Comic Strip Stories
Dead On Arrival
After The Revolution
Our Spectacular Sun
Up In Space
Not Just An Empty Space
Earth Of The Future
In The Future
Dr. Who's Space-Age Quiz
Secrets Of The Moon Rocks
Decisions, Decisions
Essential Life-Support Systems
Toro The Tiny Moonlet
Test Your Knowledge
The Secret Steps Game
The House That Jack Built
Revenge Of The Phantoms
The Time Thief
Fugitives From Chance
The Battle Within
Before The Legend
Scorched Earth