13.6. The Vanquishers

Series 13 - 2021 (Flux)

Writer: Chris Chibnall
Producer: Pete Levy
Director: Azhur Saleem
Music: Segun Akinola


To escape from the Division ship the Doctor removes her conversion plate that stabilises her outside the universe. But rather than escape fully the Doctor starts to phase in and out of different parts of Earth and Division.

The Doctor finds herself on board a Lupari ship around Earth with Karvanista and Bel, who have just finished defeating a squad of Sontarans. The Doctor takes control of the ship, disconnects it from the Lupari Earth shield, and pilots on course to Earth.

The Sontarans have taken Earth and offer an alliance to the Daleks and Cybermen. In a Chile the Sontarans establish their command centre in a captured Dark Energy Camera, along with help from Prentis. They detect an incoming Lupari ship on collision course which they catch in a force field and force it to land close by. The Doctor plans to use herself and Karvanista as bait whilst giving Bel a solo mission.

Yaz, Dan, Jericho, and Williamson, are under attack from Sontarans. Seeing energy behind door number 9, which has a note saying it must never be opened, Yaz opens it and the energy is released, destroying the Sontarans. Eager to escape the tunnels Dan, Jericho, Williamson, and Yaz, escape through a door Williamson has labelled December 5th 2021. They find themselves in the same room of doors where they find Kate, who is now the leader of Human Resistance Against Sontaran Occupation, and a Police Box. A short while later the Doctor appears. Williamson quickly tells the Doctor how he was working one day when he found himself in a city of the future, followed by an alien vista, and built the tunnels to explore the different worlds.

After seeing the final Flux event Williamson had vowed to build an underground city in an attempt to save as many people as possible. The Doctor asks Kate for a more modern update on the situation. Kate tells the Doctor the Sontarans have taken over the Cerro Tololo Observatory in Chile where they have set up a psychic command centre and are using humans to fuel their work.

Jericho suggests planting someone inside the Sontaran operations, and Kate tells the Doctor that she knows of a Sontaran that has a weakness... for chocolate. In a corner shop in Liverpool the Doctor finds a Sontaran, Shallo, gorging himself on chocolates. The Doctor asks Shallow, with the promise of chocolate, to take two psychic operatives to Sontaran command. The Doctor and her companions travel back to 1967 to collect Claire Brown. Her and Jericho are the two operatives who will enter Sontaran psychic command.

Trapped inside the Sontaran facility the Doctor learns she and Karvanista knew each other as Division operatives, although Karvanista can't talk about it otherwise a collider installed in his brain will inject poison and kill him. When Prentis and the Sontarans enter the room Commander Stenck delights in telling Karvanista that all the Lupari on the ships in the Earth shield have been ejected into space, leaving Karvanista as the only survivor. As the Sontarans take the Doctor away for interrogation Karvanista vows to kill all Sontarans.

Elsewhere in the facility Claire and Jericho have quantum readers attached to predict multiple pathways of the timewaves. Claire and Jericho are to psychically evaluate all possibilities to identify the exact space-time coordinates of the final Flux event.

In an interrogation chamber Prentis asks the Doctor for Kate;s location, but the Doctor manages to learn Prentis's real name: Grand Serpent. As Grand Serpent tries to use his power to kill the Doctor she tells him he has two problems. One, as the Doctor is split across three time streams he can't get a physical lock. Two, when the TARDIS materialises, a second Doctor appears, with Dan and Yaz, to rescue the first Doctor.

The Doctors go down to help Bel, who has set up a data stream, whilst Dan goes to free Karvanista. Back in the TARDIS the Doctor communicates with Jericho and Claire, telling them via transmat rings to hold on as data is transmitted to the TARDIS. Through a device Bel has with her the Doctor has access to Sontaran transmissions, and sees the offer of alliance to the Daleks and Cybermen.

On the Division ship Azure has the Doctor's fob watch and opens it. In her mind the Doctor sees a floating house. Swarm appears and tells the Doctor all her lost memories of who she has been are inside the house. When she comes round Azure tells the Doctor that she and Swarm desire the end of all spatial objects, and that they intend to watch the Flux destroy everything then they will wind it back and watch it all again in an endless destructive loop. Azure tells the Doctor that they are doing this as revenge for the Doctor doing the same thing to them - and that the Doctor will be suspended to watch it all.

With too many questions about the Sontarans' motives the two Doctors inside the TARDIS connect telepathically and are able to connect with the Doctor on the Division ship. Together the realise Azure and Swarm are doing something with anti-matter injection into the universe.

In the Sontaran facility Claire manages to find the co-ordinates that Kragar is after, and Stenck orders all Sontarans to abandon Earth for the final Flux event.

Inside one of the Passengers Vinder and Diane are searching endless landscapes for his partner, Bel. Diane says there were other people, but they've gone, and is convinced they are the only two people left. Diane tells Vinder how she has been learning about the different landscapes, and trying to disrupt the systems. With Vinder's help they manage to escape from the Passenger to a strange world where Vinder is able to call for the Doctor.

Inside the TARDIS one Doctor opts to rescue Vinder whilst the other, with Yaz and Williamson, goes to rescue Kate. The Doctor retrieves Vinder and Diane who are reunited with Dan and Bel.

Whilst rescuing Kate the Doctor realises the Sontarans are offering the Daleks and Cybermen a truce to lure them to the location of the final Flux event in order to wipe them out, leaving the Sontarans as the ultimate vanquishers. The destruction of the enemy forces could put enough matter in the way of the Flux anti-matter and be enough to absorb the Flux.

The Doctor has a risky plan. She drops one Doctor, Vinder, Bel, and Karvanista, back into the Lupari fleet. The Doctor tells Claire and Jericho to use their transmat rings. Claire returns to the TARDIS but Jericho drops his ring as Sontarans enter the chamber.

In deep space Dalek and Cybermen fleets arrive. As the Flux approaches the Lupari ships Stenck orders the ships to reform and protect only Sontarans ships. The Dalek and Cybermen fleets are destroyed by the approaching Flux. On board a Lupari ship Karvanista sends a pulse through all Lupari ships, stunning the Sontarans. As Vinder and Bel take out the Sontarans' ship-to-ship communications Karvanista moves the Lupari ships by remote control, catching the Sontarans ships in the gravitational pull of the Flux. As the Sontarans ships are destroyed the Doctor tries to rescue the stranded Jericho, but he isn't able to get to an escape pod.

As some of the Flux breaks through the Lupari shield Diane has an idea. The Passenger contains endless landscapes, hence endless matter. The Doctor transports the Passenger to deep space where the Flux is drawn to the matter inside.

On Atropos the Doctor from the Division ship appears with Azure and Swarm to free Time. Time appears, in Swarm's form, and tells Swarm that the Flux has been extinguished. Swarm offers the Doctor as sacrifice but Time destroys Azure and Swarm for their failure. As Azure dissipates she drops the fob watch containing the Doctor's lost memories. With Swarm gone Time changes into the Doctor, and tells the Doctor she can leave, but will never outrun Time, and that her time is ending with no regeneration. A final warning is to beware the forces that mass against her - and their master.

Regular Cast

  • Yasmin Khan: Mandip Gill
  • Dan Lewis: John Bishop

Guest Cast

  • Swarm: Sam Spruell
  • Azure: Rochenda Sandall
  • Williamson: Steve Oram
  • Professor Jericho: Kevin McNally
  • Karvanista: Craige Els
  • Bel: Thaddea Graham
  • Kate Stewart: Jemma Redgrave
  • Sontaran Commander Stenck: Jonathan Watson
  • Grand Serpent: Craig Parkinson
  • Senstarg / Shallo / Kragar: Dan Starkey
  • Claire Brown: Anabel Scholey
  • Vinder: Jacob Anderson
  • Diane: Nadia Albina
  • Ood: Simon Carew
  • Voice of the Ood: Silas Carson
  • Passenger: Jonny Mathers
  • Stevie (Grand Serpent Victim): Sonny Walker
  • Voice of the Daleks / Cybermen: Nicholas Briggs

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 (HD) 6. The Vanquishers Sunday, December 5, 2021 6:20 PM - 7:20 PM 4.61M 76

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