Jodie Whittaker
Thirteenth Doctor
2017 - 2022


Target Books logo From the early 1970s to the early 1990s almost every television adventure was novelised by Target books, the paperback division of WH Allen, and later an imprint of Virgin Publishing. Early adventures were stand alone novels, sometimes with new companions in the story, but later on they became novelisations of the story.

Sarah and Nick


Eve of the Daleks

Sarah: At any point you can just jump in and say something now.

Nick: I'm trying to figure out which one is most unlikely - time loop with robots or three people from the council working on New Years.

Kerblam! by Pete McTighe

Published: 2023 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-1-78954-823-7
Available from:

The Witchfinders by Joy Wilkinson

Published: 2021 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 178
ISBN: 978-1-78954-502-1
Available from: