2. Wild Blue Yonder

Sixtieth Anniversary - 2023

Writer: Russell T. Davies
Executive Producers: Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner, Jane Tranter, Joel Collins, Phil Collinson
Producer: Vicki Delow
Director: Tom Kingsley
Music performed by: BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Music orchestrated and conducted by: Alastair King
Music: Murray Gold


The TARDIS crashes inside a small room inside a spaceship after Donna spilt coffee on the new console.The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to start the TARDIS self-repair system. Oddly the TARDIS, whilst crashing, was playing the war song "Wild Blue Yonder".

Leaving the TARDIS to rebuild the Doctor and Donna explore the spaceship and find a very large, long, corridor. At one end is a robot. As they make their way to the robot they hear the TARDIS dematerialise, and rush back in time to see it fade away. With no TARDIS Donna starts panicking, and the Doctor tells her about the Hostile Action Displacement System (HADS). When the TARDIS is in danger it goes away and comes back once the danger is gone. Donna realises that means they have landed in the middle of hostile action, and that there is something on the ship so bad the TARDIS ran away.

The Doctor and Donna return to the corridor to find the danger. As she is discussing her choir teacher, Mrs. Bean, and the "Wild Blue Yonder" song there is a PA announcement "Fenslaw" and the corridor wall panels rotate. The Doctor sees a switch in the floor, and after pressing it a small buggy appears and the soon reach the robot which doesn't appear to be moving, and doesn't respond to the Doctor or Donna.

Travelling past the robot the Doctor and Donna come to a door at the end. They find a control room where the Doctor attempts to find out where they are. Once he learns the basic numbers he understands the controls more and looks for other life-signs, and finds none. The Doctor does find an airlock door was opened three years earlier. The Doctor launches a camera drone outside and they can see the exterior of the spaceship. Donna notices there are no starts, and the Doctor realises the ship had fallen through a wormhole - and that they were at the edge of the Universe. The Doctor knows that the idea of the Universe having an edge is difficult to understand.

When they hear a rumbling noise they rush back to the corridor, but don't see any changes until the PA announces "Coliss" and again the wall panels rotate, and the robot takes a step forward. Returning to the control room the Doctor finds another room containing baseplate repetition filaments. The Doctor leaves Donna to move filaments from one cabinet to a higher one to try to reawaken the ship whilst he goes to a second room and starts adjust water spindles.

 In her room Donna notices the temperature as the Doctor returns and sits on the floor. Donna talks about what she thinks will happen if she doesn't return. She thinks Rose will occasionally return to the alley where she left, but that Shaun would go back every single day. Her grandad, Wilf, though, would get a chair and camp in the alley until she did return. The Doctor tells Donna his arms are too long.

In his room the Doctor works wile Donna returns. As he works the Doctor imagines what the TARDIS does when it disappears, and Donna asks him about Gallifrey. Donna then tells the Doctor her arms are too long. Donna show him an arm which is much longer than it should be.The Doctor realises this is not the real Donna and he calls out to her.

In the other room Donna hears the Doctor, and sees it is not the person in the room with her calling. As he stands up the Doctor has two large arms that drag on the ground. The proper Doctor and Donna meet outside the control room as the two copies follow them. As the copies are learning about their forms the real Doctor and Donna back out back into the corridor and the buggy and learn the copies think of themselves as "No-things".

As they drive away the no-things grow in size and start running after them on all fours until they grow so large they get jammed together in the corridor. When Donna asks about the extra mass of the no-things the Doctor tells her that's why it got colder. The Doctor also tells Donna they are not just physical copies, they share memories as the no-thing Donna mentioned Gallifrey.

As the no-things start to break free the Doctor notices a ladder in the wall. As the Doctor and Donna head for it the PA announces "Brate" and the wall panels rotate. The Doctor and Donna find themselves separated in internal tunnels, with Donna two levels down. Donna decides to keep quiet so the no-things don't hear her, and head back up whilst the Doctor heads down to try to find her.

The Doctor and Donna find their way out of the internal corridors and emerge at different places where they find a no-thing. Each person tries to ask the other questions, but as the no-things have shared memories that doesn't work.

As Donna and the not Doctor talk the not Doctor takes off his tie but doesn't realise that when something is gone it still exists.

As the Doctor and the not Donna discuss what Donna saw in the Doctor's mind when they were joined the Doctor is convinced it is the real Donna, until the no-thing melts over the floor.

 The real Doctor and Donna manage to find each other, but also the no-things. The Doctor eventually finds the proper Donna when he tells them humans can believe in two things at the same time, such as Donna believing she is both stupid and brilliant. The Doctor hopes creating a line of salt will slow down the no-things as they are unable to cross it without counting all the grains. As the not-Donna thinks this is true it starts to count the grains.

 The Doctor talks to his counterpart, and Donna thinks she has worked out why the TARDIS ran away. As the no-things become more like the Doctor and Don na they could use the TARDIS to escape the ship. The no-thing learns Donna was lying and blows away the sand line and the no-things advance as the Doctor and Donna run back to the control room where the Doctor closes an internal partition separating the Doctor and Donna from the no-things. The Doctor tells Donna to clear her thoughts and slow down as the no-things cannot read them if they are slow. But with so many questions about the ship the Doctor is unable to stop thinking.

Hearing a clanging noise the Doctor opens exterior panels so they can see outside - where they can see the body of the ship's captain. The no-things don't know what the captain did, or why she left the ship without a helmet. But as the Doctor starts to think about it the not-Doctor also begins to think. With help from Donna the Doctor realises the captain left the ship so the no-things would not copy her so they could not pilot the ship. The Doctor also works out the captain set the self-destruct, only a very slow self-destruct so that the no-things would not work out what was happening, and that the PA announcements are a very, very, slow countdown.

The Doctor tells Donna the only way to stop the no-things is to actually speed up the countdown. The robot is the trigger and has slowly been making it's way down the corridor. The Doctor and Donna chase the no-things down the corridor to stop them stopping the robot. The not-Doctor outruns the Doctor, but is not quick enough to get to the robot. Once they are of time the danger would be over, meaning the end of the hostile action. On cue the rebuilt TARDIS appears.

The Doctor gets inside but he has to choose between two Donnas. He chooses the not-Donna and the TARDIS dematerialises as the bomb explodes. It takes time for the explosion to reach Donna, enough time for the Doctor to notice he has the wrong Donna, return and expel her, and rescue the real Donna.

 The TARDIS returns to London where they find Wilf waiting for their return. But since the Doctor and Donna left something odd has happened to the people of Earth.

Regular Cast

  • Donna Noble: Catherine Tate

Guest Cast

  • Wilfred Mott: Bernard Cribbins
  • Isaac Newton: Nathaniel Curtis
  • Mrs. Merridew: Susan Twist
  • The Doctor Acting Double: Daniel Tuite
  • The Doctor Beast Double: Ophir Raray
  • The Doctor Contortionist Double: Tommaso Di Vincenzo
  • Donna Acting Double: Helen Cripps

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 2. Wild Blue Yonder Saturday, December 2, 2023 6:30 PM - 7:25 PM

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