Doctor Martha Jones
played by Freema Agyeman

Matha Jones was on her way to the Royal Hope Hospital where she was a medical student when she first met the Doctor, although she didn't know it at the time. When she got to the hospital she met a new patient - Mr. John Smith.

Martha is very calm in a crisis, especially when the hospital is taken to the moon. The Doctor takes note of this and offers her a trip in the TARDIS. At first she doesn't believe he can travel in time - until he proves in by going back to when she was on her way to the hospital.

After facing the Master for a year that was eventually undone, Martha stays on Earth with her family. After a word from the Doctor she gets a job at UNIT, and turns up for a short period at Torchwood Cardiff.

First regular appearance: Smith And Jones

Final regular appearance: Last Of The Time Lords

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Addiional information about Doctor Martha Jones
  • Home: London, Earth
  • Family: Mother Francine Jones ::: Father Clive Jones ::: Sister Tish Jones ::: Brother Leo Jones
  • Occupation: Medical Student / Medical Doctor with UNIT