Colin Baker
Sixth Doctor
1984 - 1986

I am the Lord President of Gallifrey. You can't put me on trial.

The Sixth Doctor


Doctor Who diamond logo From the early 1980s to the early 2000s almost every complete, and not so complete, television adventure was released on VHS by BBC Video. Sometimes there were added extras, or extended scenes included.

The Twin Dilemma

Released: 1992 BBC Enterprises Ltd.
Runtime: 100 mins
BBCV: 4783
Rating: U

Attack Of The Cybermen

Released: 2000 BBC Worldwide Ltd.
Runtime: 95 mins
BBCV: 7048
Rating: U

Available as part of the Cybermen boxed set along with The Tenth Planet; features special Saturday Superstore interview from 1985

Vengeance On Varos

Released: 1993 BBC Enterprises Ltd.
Runtime: 89 mins
BBCV: 4962
Rating: PG

The Mark Of The Rani

Released: 1995 BBC Worldwide Ltd.
Runtime: 89 mins
BBCV: 5603
Rating: U

The Two Doctors

Released: 1993 BBC Enterprises Ltd.
Runtime: 132 mins
BBCV: 5148
Rating: PG


Released: 1998 BBC Worldwide Ltd,
Runtime: 90 mins
BBCV: 6329
Rating: U

Revelation Of The Daleks

Released: 1999 BBC Worldwide Ltd.
Runtime: 90 mins
BBCV: 6927
Rating: PG

For contractual reasons some edits have been made; Presented in a limited edition boxed set with Planet of the Daleks

The Trial Of A Time Lord

Released: 1993 BBC Enterprises Ltd.
Runtime: 351 mins
BBCV: 5008
Rating: PG

The whole 14 part story is presented on three casettes in a TARDIS style metal box set