8. Father's Day

Series 1 - 2005

Writer: Paul Cornell
Produced By: Phil Collinson
Director: Joe Ahearne


When she was young Rose was told all about her Dad, who was killed on the 7th November 1987 by a hit and run driver. Rose has never known her Dad, and asks the Doctor if they can go back an see him. The Doctor warns Rose to "be careful what you wish for", and set the TARDIS's course.

The first stop is the wedding of Peter Alan Tyler to Jackie. After seeing this, Rose tells the Doctor about how her Dad died, and the fact there was no-one with him, and asks the Doctor if they can go back and see the event. They both watch as Peter Tyler gets out of his car, and is hit by an oncoming vehicle. The Doctor suggests Rose goes to him, but she is too shocked to move. After calming down, she asks if they can try again.

The Doctor agrees, but says this is the last time they can be there. Watching from a corner, they see the first Doctor and Rose watching the event. This time, as Peter gets out of the car, Rose rushes past and pushes him out of the way, saving him. The car disappears round the corner, and the first Doctor and Rise vanish.

Rose is delighted that she has saved her Dad, but the Doctor is furious. In the flat Rose insists she hasn't changed time much, as her Dad was not important to the world, but would now be alive to do all the wonderful things her mother had said about him. Calling Rose 'another stupid ape', he leaves her behind, and returns to the TARDIS.

But the TARDIS has been thrown out of time by the paradox, and the Doctor finds an empty police box. At the same time Reapers appear in the sky, and people begin disappearing, including guests at a wedding that Peter and Jackie are due to attend. Peter takes Rose to the wedding, and the Doctor makes his way there. He tells everyone still present to get inside the church. The oldest structures are the strongest, and the creatures have difficulty getting inside.

Peter Tyler is not the brightest of people, but he begins to work things out. He realises, from the way Rose keeps slipping up, that she is his Rose, from the future, and has caused a 'wound in time'. When he asks her what he is like in the future, Rose pauses before telling him lies about how they had picnics in the park. Outside, the car that should have killed Peter is going round in a loop.

The TARDIS key is still connected to the TARDIS, and after finding a battery, the Doctor starts to use the key to bring back the TARDIS. However, a paradox is caused when the future Rose is handed the baby Rose. When two of the same people come into contact, a creature materialises inside the church. As the oldest thing inside the church, the Doctor becomes the target for the creature.

It takes the Doctor, then starts to fly around the church looking for the next victim. It gets caught in the TARDIS key and disappears. The key finally becomes disconnected from the TARDIS. The church turns dark as more creatures appear outside. It will only be a matter of time before they get inside.

Peter works out what the event was that Rose changes - his death. There is only one way for time to be returned to normal. The Doctor had worked it out, but had been trying to protect him. Peter rushes outside, and jumps in front of the looping car. Time does return to normal, and the Doctor tells Rose to go to her Dad. This time she does.

There is one change. The young Rose is now told how her Dad was killed at the wedding, and how there was a girl with him when he died.

Regular Cast

  • Rose Tyler: Billie Piper

Guest Cast

  • Jackie: Camille Coduri
  • Pete Tyler: Shaun Dingwall
  • Registrar: Robert Barton
  • Young Rose: Julia Joyce
  • Stuart: Christopher Llewellyn
  • Sonny: Frank Rozelaar-Green
  • Sarah: Natalie Jones
  • Bev: Eirlys Bellin
  • Suzie: Rhian James
  • Young Mickey: Casey Dyer
  • Registry Wedding Guests: John Beaucamp, Keith Whitehouse, Lloy Tram, Antony Asis, Stacey Jones, Vaishali Hanchate, Gemma Newborn, Yorlaris Khan, Belinda Price, Chris Richards
  • Matt: Crispin Layfield
  • Goth Passers-By: Aaron Boulders, Katy Harry
  • Passers-By: Sarah Grant, John Hoffer, Aimie Bloodwith, Jeff Morgan, Myra Prior, Lynna Jones, Keith Hillier, Mal Clint, Alex Morgan, Thomas Darwin
  • Stunt Double for Rose: Kim McGarrity
  • Stunt Double for Pete: Seon Rogers
  • Wino: Colin Galton
  • Gardener: Ken Teale
  • Teenage Mother: Zoe Marie Morris
  • Wedding Guests: James Cook, Julian Bosley, Jeremy Harvey, Ron Griffiths, Ben Gould, Barrie Wharmby, Simon Warlow, Rod Tyson, Rachel Chambers, Lyn Beddoe, Karen Robinson, Annie Swainson, Caroline Simmons, June Jackson, Philip May, William Jackson, Liz Cairnes, Nia Gwyn Jones, Stevie-Ann Beddoe
  • Diver Passer-By: Richard Glyn Hughes
  • Young Vicar: Lee Griffiths
  • Bridesmaid: Kaeleigh Beddoe
  • Limousine Driver: Michael Wilson
  • Baby Rose: Abigail Nichols, Charlotte Nichols
  • Children in playground: Alex Varney, Jay Worley, Joshua Hughes, Gabriella Panfill, Wesley Nelson
  • Mickey's Mum: Monique Ennis
  • Additional dialogue recording: Nicholas Lupton, Paula Keogh, Matt Jones, Wendi Sheard, Paul Ganney, Hannah Welch

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 8. Father's Day Saturday, May 14, 2005 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM 8.1M

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  • HTV, Culderhouse Cross: Studio 1
  • Unit Q2, Newport

Outside Locations

  • Boardroom, HTV, Culderhouse Cross
  • Furniture Land Car Park, Cardiff Bay
  • Grange Gardens, Pentrebane St, Grangetown
  • Hotel Pennar, Ely
  • Hotel Trelai, Ely
  • Llanmales St, Grangetown
  • Loudoun Square, Bute Street, Cardiff
  • Oakley Place, Grangetown, Cardiff
  • St. Fagans Street, Grangetown, Cardiff
  • St. Paul's Church, Paget Street, Grangetown, Cardiff