Sergeant Paterson


Sergeant Paterson

The Doctor and Ace met Sergeant Paterson in a self-defence class in Perivale, although Paterson remember Ace from her disappearance, and of her past misdemeanours.

In the past Paterson had been on SAS training, and in his group he was the only one to eat the worm stew. Besides being an instructor he was also an active member of the local neighbourhood watch scheme, and caught the Doctor several times behaving erratically.

When transported to the planet of the Cheetah People Paterson admitted to the Doctor that he wasn't prepared for the Cheetah People, and had to rely on the Doctor for help. On returning to Earth Paterson could not accept what had happened to him, attributing it all to a black out. When returning to his class he met a possessed Midge, and was killed by the people in the class.

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  • Perivale, London
Played By
  • Julian Holloway