Upcoming Doctor Who on television

Between 27 May 2017 and 28 May 2017

Upcoming Doctor Who on television

Below are some of the upcoming Doctor Who related programmes appearing on the following television channels: BBC 1 (HD), BBC 2 (HD), BBC 3 (HD), BBC 4 (HD), CBBC, Channel 4 (HD), and W (HD).

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27 May 2017

  • Extremis: 01:50 - 02:40 BBC 2 (HD)
    6/12. Everyone who has ever read the Veritas has been found dead. In a library at the heart of the Vatican, the pope urges the Doctor to read the ancient text. Also in HD. [AD,S,SL]
  • The Pyramid at the End of the World: 19:45 - 20:30 BBC 1 (HD)
    7/12. When the Earth is set on a countdown to destruction, an alien race offers a deal to save humanity. Will the Doctor accept their help? [HD] [AD,S]

28 May 2017